Trager Transformations

for Body, Mind & Spirit 

at Dimitra Yoga, Lewes DE

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Would you like to feel relaxed, move more freely & comfortably?
         Come,… explore the feeling of transformation!

Nurture yourself with a Trager session!!!

You take your car in for regular maintenance... your body will also appreciate a tune-up!


New Videos: See my work, and hear testimonials from my clients! 

Discover the Trager® Approach in Five Minutes - YouTube


Discover the Trager® Approach in one minute - YouTube

This is my previous Trager office. I do not yet have photos of the office in Lewes, DE! I have pillows of all sizes to help my clients be as comfortable and supported as possible. As you can see, this client prefers no pillows! This is a gentle slow stretch for the neck...great for those with tightness in the upper back & neck. As the muscles relax, they become more elastic, allowing greater stretch.

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