What my clients say:
G. S., 82 years young, August 3, 2004

Arthritis struck me with a vengeance at the ripe old age of 79. As the pain in my hands increased, I found myself becoming increasingly limited and began to consider what drastic changes I would need to make to remain independent. I own a two story house and could no longer hold onto the handrail when using the stairs. Some times I crawled up the stairs and on "good" days I hunched over a laundry basket, using it as a "walker". I considered moving to a one-story house, or installing a stair elevator. 

When I had a severe muscle pain in my neck, I got a referral for Trager bodywork with Judy Rose. In addition to relief from the neck pain, I was amazed to find that relaxation of my hand muscles eased my arthritis pain. I now know that when the muscles are tight, they pull the bones too close together, causing them to rub and causing the arthritis pain. After twelve Trager sessions, I no longer had any pain my hands, just a little morning stiffness. I continue to get regular Trager sessions to keep my hands relaxed. 

I am constantly amazed at Judy Rose's skill, which has given me an unbelievably rapid recovery from almost constant pain. My hands look like hands again, feel like hands again, and work like hands again!

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