Judy Rose Seibert, B.S., C.T.P., L.M.T.
"Savannah Station", 1143 Savannah Road, Lewes DE 



University of Maryland, College Park (B.S. in Biological Science with High Honors, 1975)
Trager International, Courtenay, BC, Canada (Certified as TRAGER® Instructor)

The Trager Institute, CA (Certified as TRAGER Practitioner, 1996)

Potomac Massage Training Institute, DC (Massage Training Certification, 1997)

The Upledger Institute, FL (CranioSacral Therapy I & II, 1998)

Massage therapy apprenticeship with Michael Wright, 1994



State of Delaware, Licensed Massage Therapist #MT-0005013, 2019 to present

State of Maryland, Licensed Massage Therapist # M00743, 2000 to present

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 1995 to 2014

The Trager Institute, additional certifications: Introductory Workshop Leader, 1997; Mentasticsâ Leader, 1998; Tutor, 1999; Supervised Practice Leader, 2000



Twenty-five years of private practice in Silver Spring, MD, beginning with massage therapy. In 1996, converted practice to TRAGER bodywork and Mentastics® movement education, integrating CranioSacral therapy, myofascial release, and Reiki. Work with clients to enhance muscle relaxation, relieve muscular pain, reduce stress, and to promote health and well-being. The deep, long-lasting muscle relaxation of TRAGER bodywork has helped my clients with many conditions, including: arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, jaw pain, teeth grinding, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and limited range of movement.


Trager® Certification Classes taught: 

Level 1--6/14, Aspen Hill, MD


TRAGER Trainings that I have organized* & assisted in teaching: 

Level 1--2-3/13, co-teaching with Gail Stewart, PMTI, Washington, DC (PMTI organized this class.)
*Level 1--6-7/12, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD
*Level 3--5/12, Kathryn Hansman Spice, Ashton, MD
*Level 2, 11/11, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD (3 days only)
*Level 3--10/11, Kathryn Hansman Spice, N. Potomac, MD


TRAGER Introductory Workshops taught:
Anne Arundel Community College (adjunct faculty), Arnold, MD, 10/14, 4/14
Holistic Massage Training Inst., Baltimore, MD, 10/14, 3/14, 4/12, 8/10, 3/09, 4/08, 3/07
Synergy Massage & Wellness Center, Blue Ridge Summit, PA,  9/14
Lancaster School of Massage, Lancaster, PA, 5/14
Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington, DC, 12/12 (co-taught with Roger Tolle)
Piedmont School of Massage, Dale City, VA 11/10, 10/08, 11/07, 11/06, 2/02, 4/01, 5/00, 12/97
AKS Massage School, Herndon, VA: 3/07, 10/05, 12/03, 10/04, 6/03, 4/02, 3/99, 11/98
Chesapeake Healing Arts Center, Prince Frederick, MD, 9/99
Pathways, Bethesda, MD, 9/98 & 3/98‚Äč 



Trager Trainings that I have organized & assisted: 

  1. Level 4--Gail Stewart, 10/14, Ashton, MD
  2. Level 3--3/14, Roger Tolle, Aspen Hill, MD
  3. Level 4--7/13, Gail Stewart & Gwen Crowell, Ashton, MD
  4. Level 2--4-5/13, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD
  5. Mentastics®--11/12, Roger Tolle,  N. Potomac, MD
  6. Reflex Response--11/11, George Gottlieb, N. Potomac, MD
  7. Level 4--10/10, Jean Hopkins, N. Potomac, MD
  8. Mentastics®--10/09, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD
  9. Level 3--4/09, Gail Stewart, N. Potomac, MD
  10. Level 2—6/08, Roger Tolle, N. Potomac, MD
  11. Mentastics®—3/08, Kate Rose, N. Potomac, MD
  12. Level 1 –8/07, Roger Tolle, N. Potomac, MD
  13. Level 1—10/05, Roger Tolle, Charlottesville, VA
  14. Reflex Response—7/02, Adrienne Stone, Flintstone, MD
  15. Practitioner Practicum—1/01, Amrita Daigle & Jean Hopkins, Flintstone, MD
  16. Intermediate --Roger Tolle, 7/00, Charlottesville, VA 
  17. Beginning--Roger Tolle, 10/99 (co-sponsored with Frances Kimmel), Charlottesville, VA
  18. P1--Bill Scholl, 7/99, College Park, MD
  19. Intermediate--Amrita Daigle, 6/99, Washington, DC
  20. P1--Carol Campbell, 8/98, College Park, MD
  21. Beginning-- Roger Tolle, 11/98, College Park, MD
  22. Beginning--Jean Hopkins, 6/98, College Park, MD
  23. Beginning--Roger Tolle, 12/97, College Park, MD
  24. Intermediate--8/97, Gail Stewart, College Park, MD
  25. Beginning--4/97, Jean Hopkins, Beltsville, MD
  26. Beginning--12/96, Roger Tolle, Beltsville, MD
Trager Trainings I have organized & taken as a student in the class :
  1. Releasing the Neck & Shoulders, Resistance Release--7/14, Deane Juhan, Ashton, MD
  2. Sidelying--8/12, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD 
  3. Level 5, Being with Bill---3/10, Bill Scholl, N. Potomac, MD
  4. Level 5, Spirals & Diagonals—8/08, Roger Tolle, N. Potomac, MD
  5. Advanced Reflex Response—4/05, Gary Brownlee, Corolla, NC
  6. Tutor Practicum—1/01, Fabienne Hirsch & Jean Hopkins, Flintstone, MD
  7. Reflex Response—10/00, Cathy Hammond, College Park, MD
  8. Prac Review--10/97, Cathy Hammond, Baltimore, MD
  9. P1--3/97, Sheila Merle Johnson, Beltsville, MD
Trager Trainings I have assisted:
  1. Mentastics®, 8/13, Roger Tolle, PMTI, Washington, DC 
  2. Level 1, 3/11, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD
  3. Level 1, 2/09, Roger Tolle, Ashton, MD
  4. Level 1, Roger Tolle, PMTI, Washington, DC
  5. Intermediate, 5/98, Gail Stewart, Allentown PA
  6. Beginning, 6/00, Louise de Montigny, Baltimore MD
Other Trager Trainings I have taken since becoming a Practitioner:
  1. Teacher Evaluation Seminar, 9/12, Hedi Steig & Roger Tolle, Palaia, Italy
  2. Anatomy Lab, 6/06, Cindy Popp Hager, Ann Arbor, MI
  3. The Jaw, Deane Juhan, 4/00, Baltimore, MD
  4. Tutor Practicum, Gail Stewart, Roger Tolle & Gary Brownlee, 3/00, Camp Verde, AZ
  5. Tutor Seminar, Gail Stewart & Jean Hopkins, 7/99, College Pk, MD
  6. Alternatives Plus, Betty Fuller, 4/99, Silver Spring, MD
  7. Tutor Seminar, Julie Greene, 10/98, OH
  8. Continuum/Trager Explorations, Jean Hopkins 8/97, Priest River ID
  9. Prac Review, Gail Stewart & Gwen Crowell, 5/97, Toronto 


Total Trainings-57 classes, with 19 different Trager Instructors & 2 Teachers





9/14 to 7/16       U.S. Trager Association, Board Representative for Chesapeake Trager Asso. 

7/12 to 7/16       President, Chesapeake Trager Association (CTA)

2/10 to 7/12       U.S. Trager Association, Board Representative for Chesapeake Trager Asso. 

5/08 to 2/10       President, Chesapeake Trager Association (CTA)

4/03 – 6/07        Secretary, CTA

4/02 – 4/04        Regional Coordinator, CTA

3/00 – 3/02        Newsletter Editor, CTA

01                     Organizer, U.S Trager Association, 2nd Annual Meeting


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