What my clients say:    April Bahn, Nurse Practitioner
                                                 February, 2009

I'm a professional health care provider; of course, I know how to care for myself! How wrong I was!


I'm a 61 year old female who considered myself a healthy individual (except for knee osteoarthritis) until 2005.  Since that time, thorough unfortunate circumstances, I've had 5 major surgeries from 2005 through 2008; all required extensive "immobility time" and subsequent rehab efforts which I faithfully participated in. I continued to work full time except for expected recovery time from surgeries.


In 2008, I realized that I wasn't as successful in my recovery as I thought and sought the opinion of a professional athletic trainer.  What an eye opener.  Her assessment was that all my major muscles were over-protecting the previous surgical regions causing me to be "totally" out of alignment and in serious discomfort ("pain") after each of our sessions.


Enter Judy Rose. I spent the Summer of 2008 in Judy Rose's capable, therapeutic hands. Over time, she was able to release all the muscle tensions so that I could actively participate in gym exercise, without pain. I can bend my arthritic knee (non surgical site!) about 45 degrees further that I have been able to in years and can walk with an even, confident stride. 

I still require my tune-up on a 4-6 week basis which helps to provide me with ongoing muscle relaxation from the daily tensions of life. I feel that I am light years ahead of where I would be if not for Judy Rose's thoughtful, professional intervention; each session, with relaxing music, warming blanket and booties and focused therapeutic work provides a haven for relaxation and muscle/mental recovery.


What else could anyone ask for? 


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