Since 1999 I have been working with Trager students and practitioners to help them meet their training, certification, and recertification requirements.

My current rate is $140 for a 2-hour tutorial.

With each tutorial, students and practitioners are asked to do a written evaluation of  the tutor (me!) Here are some of their comments from tutorials done in 2008:


I had a great, fulfilling, confidense-boosting tutorial. Thank you! -J.W.

Judy Rose is excellent at tutoring. - K.W.

 I love Judy Rose's casual observation and gentle demeanor. Improvements are presented as suggestions, rather than demands--Thank you! -C.C.

Judy Rose's timing and giving me space to explore worked really well for me. -C.P.

Communication was wonderful and I appreciate the hands-on demonstration  she supplied. -K.Y.

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