What my Clients say:
Matt Harre, piano teacher & writer on music education:


When we reach middle age, we need to move into a different relationship with our bodies. We can deny that fact and push on as before or we can seek to understand and work with the difference. For me, working with the difference was the choice and Trager with Judy Rose Seibert is a key part of that transition.

From the mentastics to the table work of the Trager message, new and gentle approaches of knowing, understanding and improving my body resulted. Our work ushered in a new sense of physical self-kindness. Being more used to thinking of physical training as hard work and pushing myself way past comfortable limits, the parameters of Trager were a refreshing change that took time to acknowledge and appreciate.

The effectiveness is without doubt. Because of Trager and other bodywork, I am more comfortable in my body than I have ever been and as a result, less locked into my conceptual mind. I am stronger and my movements are more fluid. It is amazing to find myself feeling younger than I did ten years ago when I first started.

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