What is the Trager® Approach? 

Trager work uses gentle, pleasant rocking and stretching movements to lull the body and mind into a profound state of deep relaxation. During a session the client’s body is supported and moved in a way that feels enjoyable and safe.

Through the pleasurable sensation of motion, the client’s mind is instilled with new sensory information regarding free, effortless movement. Unwanted patterns of tension and discomfort are released, and the unconscious mind learns to let go of these holding patterns.


Pain & stress cause muscles to contract. When pain or stress persists, your unconscious mind puts these muscle contractions on "automatic pilot". If you break an arm, you quickly learn how to hold your arm immobile to prevent further pain. When the injured area recovers, the mind must re-learn that it is safe to let go or pain and restrictions in movement will persist.


Many people have chronic pain, whether it be neck & shoulder pain, or lower back pain, due to persistent muscle tension.  These unconscious holding patterns can be changed during the gentle wave-like movements of Trager work.


Clients are given suggestions for self-movement to maintain their newfound feelings of ease during their everyday activities.


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