What my clients say:   Dick Johnson, October 31, 2002:


I moved to Silver Spring, MD over a year ago. I was undergoing chemotherapy for multiple myeloma, or bone marrow cancer, which was discovered during a major back operation from which I was still recovering. Seven months ago I had a successful through arduous stem cell transplant, one with major side- and after-effects and a long recovery period.


Throughout all this I have been receiving Trager bodywork form Judy Rose Seibert, as well as her advice and encouragement, which altogether have had major impact on my recovery and spirits.


Judy Rose's hands seem to know which of my muscles need to be touched, relaxed, strengthened-all of which is done gently but effectively. Her directions for my ongoing home stretching and breathing exercises keep me going through the periods between my appointments, and, all in all, she has played a crucial role in complementing my more standard medical treatments.

A note from Judy Rose:
Dick Johnson was a truly beloved client for over 5 years. We worked closely together, as he received 162 Trager sessions from me over the course of that time. I learned so much in working with him; I learned a lot about courage and a positive outlook on life, as well as how to work with someone with widespread, serious pain. I am truly indebted to Dick. Memories of him continue to inspire me.

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